Visual performance training at Couple of Eyes integrates VR-immersive vision training with traditional optometric vision training techniques.  The VR training ground within Couple of Eyes is codenamed:​  VR DOJO.

Contact Couple of Eyes for a comprehensive eye exam and visual functions assessment to see if [VR DOJO] can help optimize your vision potential.​

Virtual reality is the newest technology to be adapted to the training of one’s visual system. 

It is shown to be a safe and highly effective therapeutic tool under the guidance of an eye care professional trained in VR vision training.  ​

Visual Performance Training in Virtual Reality

Vision training with a Brock string.

Symptoms of difficulty with how the eyes work together can include: 

Slow reading speed

Poor reading comprehension

Skipping or re-reading lines

Fatigue while reading

Poor spatial relationship skills

Example of visual dominance training using virtual reality

Optometric vision training can help to remediate:

Imbalance in visual dominance, or amblyopia

Poor eye teaming and coordination, like convergence insufficiency

Inaccurate visual tracking 

Poor stereoscopic 3D perception